The Volkswagen Group’s image and reputation in the U.S has taken a severe beating after the diesel engine scandal. The EPA has found that Volkswagen has used special software to cheat on the emission tests and to make the Volkswagen car’s emission match with the standards set in the United States. The company has said on Tuesday that as many as 11 million diesel cars from its clan has used the software to cheat on the emission tests.

This 11 million figure accounts for all popular diesel cars that Volkswagen has sold all over the globe. This number is 20 times more than the number of the previous defective diesel cars that were disclosed by the company. Volkswagen has also said that it will be setting aside $7.3 billion to cover the costs that it would incur in making the diesel cars to comply with the pollution standards set in America.

11 Million Diesel Cars Worldwide Affected By Volkswagen Dishonesty

The pressure on Volkswagen increased manifold as soon as this diesel engine emission test cheating episode broke on the internet and the media. The Attorney General of New York and other popular American states are in the process of forming a group to investigate on this deception on the part of one of the leading German car manufacturers, Volkswagen Group. This car company is the parent company of many of the leading luxury car brands like Porsche, Skoda and Audi.

There are even request from various attorneys asking for carrying out a Federal trade Commission inquiry into the incident and to offer the necessary remedies for the car owners. The CEO of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, is under severe pressure and there are many who are asking him to take responsibility for this incident. There is even a call for him to step down in the wake of this cheating crisis.

Mr. Winterkorn has said yesterday that the people behind this cheating are yet to be identified. He has now released a video statement on his company’s website that the misconduct was a result of some grave errors by a few employees. He said that he was ready to cooperate with the officials investigating the case.

The German government too has said that it has started an investigation into the wrong doing of the company and is also investigating the company’s conduct. The South Korean, Italian and the French governments have also started their own investigation and will be checking out of the diesel cars that Volkswagen has sold in the respective countries.