The all new Apple TV is the buzz right now in America and it is all set to come out in October. The Apple TV could figure in the next Apple event that is shortly coming up on September 9.

The next generation Apple TV set top box could be coming out at a price of $199, if rumors are to be believed. Everyone believes that the next Gen Apple TV will be a game changing product and could be one of the most interesting products that Apple has released in the past few years.

2015 Apple TV Could Take The World By Storm

Apple TV is entering the subscription based TV streaming business after a long time. With Netflix, ruling the online TV streaming service and also others like Hulu, Sling TV and standalone applications like HBO and ShowTime already in the business, Apple TV will have to really play its cards with great skills to be a leader in this pack.

Apple has to come out with innovative and attractive pricing of packages to upset the apple cart of Netflix. They will have to come out with a bunch of options to give subscribers a better deal without needing to pay for the huge cable bundle.

The new Apple TV could start with a base price of $149 and this is an affordable price for a high quality TV set top box. The next Gen Apple TV box is priced about $50 higher than its previous version, but it offers more features and capabilities that also include gaming.

The main feature of the new Apple TV set top box will be the universal search feature that will allow users to search for videos across multiple online streaming video services. It can also have access to Apple iTunes store. So, as a user, you get to search all of the multiple video services for one particular movie at a given moment of time and choose a service that you would like to watch. This will save you time and also helps to load the movies you want to see faster.

You can also carry out searches for actors or directors and carry out more targeted video searches on the new Apple TV. As the traditional TV bundling packages are slowly falling apart, Apple TV has a better position to present itself as a different and unique solution provider to the chaos in the TV industry. There are more offers in store when Apple TV finally burst on the scene in October.