Recalling of cars for some fault or the other is becoming a common thing now. Honda Motors is the latest Japanese car manufacturer to recall a vehicle for plug top ignition coils issue. The car in question here is the 2015 Honda Fit. Honda does not want this problem to escalate and cause any kind of injury to the driver or the passenger and hence has decided to make a recall of Honda Fit vehicles to correct the issue. All the cars that have the plug top ignition coils issue will be replaced free of charge from the company’s side.

Honda in a release has said that the plug top ignition coils might get degraded over the course of time. In worst cases, this problem might cause the engine to stall. This will turn out to be a serious issue if the engine stalls and hence Honda have decided to recall all 17,800 Honda Fit cars in the United States to correct this problem. As there is a risk of a crash to take place when the engine stalls, Honda does not want this issue to drag on. The problem was discovered by Honda Motors through the warranty claim process that was made outside of the U.S.

There have been no cases of crashes or injuries reported so far due to faulty plug top ignition coils so far. But, as there is always a big risk of the engine getting stalled, Honda has decided to recall all the 2015 Honda Fit cars. The customers of the 2015 Honda Fit will start to receive notifications from the company from October 6. The owners of the affected car are advised to take their car to the authorized dealer or service center as soon as they get the plug top ignition coils notification from Honda Company.

2015 Honda Fit Is Recalled for Plug Top Ignition Coils Replacement

In the meantime, Honda has made it feasible for all the 2015 Honda Fit car owners to check if their vehicles have been affected by the problem by checking the Honda’s recall web site. The 2015 generation Honda Fit was previously recalled one time after it had gone on sale on the U.S. soil somewhere in mind 2014.

The customers will be getting the notification of this recall through the mail. The faulty ignition coil is a serious issue that you should not ignore. Hence, it is advised that all 2015 Honda Fit car owners check out the Honda recall website to see if their car has the issue or not. This way you can avoid any serious accidents or injuries that can occur with faulty ignitions.