The luxury SUVs from Land Rover will be coming with diesel engines fitted under its hood very soon. The 2016 model of the Range Rover and Range Rover sport are the two super luxury SUVs from Land Rover to be offered with Td6 V-6 diesel engines in the HSE trims. This is the first diesel engine luxury SUV to be released in US by Land Rover. Both the diesel engine powered SUVs will be on sale in the fall of 2015 as 206 models.

If you have a fascination for a diesel powered luxury SUV, then you will have to wait until fall to get hold of the popular Range Rover and Range Rover sport vehicles. The diesel engines will be offering a 254 horsepower, but the real thing that would excite you is the torque that it offers. The Range Rover and Range Rover sport models will be coming out with a solid 440 lb-ft torque at 1750 rpm.

The Range Rover Sport Td6 will cover the distance of 0 to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds. The Range Rover diesel car will cover the 0 to 60 mph speed in just 7.4 seconds. This proves that the diesel power trains fitted under the hood of these 2016 models are very powerful. The engine is mated with an eight speed ZF automatic transmission.

2016 Range Rover And Range Rover Sport With Diesel Engines To Go On Sale During Fall

The new Range Rover models with diesel engines also get a decent fuel efficiency boost which is pegged at 22 mpg for city rides, 25 mpg for combined metrics and 28 mpg for highways. The Td6 engine has been tweaked for the American models to enjoy stateside duty. The diesel engine is made using compact graphite iron, which replaces the earlier used grey cast iron. It offers better strength than aluminum. The water cooled turbocharger is a new addition to the Td6 engine that comes with new bearings, nozzles and vanes.

The Td6 engine for the U.S. has been fine tuned to meet the US emission standards and hence you will see the engine sporting an exhaust scrubbing urea after treatment system. The fluid reservoir for this engine is placed under the hood of the vehicle. It can hold enough fluid to cover over 10,000 miles before making a refill. Apart from this, the U.S. Td6 diesel engine also has two stage oil pump, revamped fuel injectors and brand new low-pressure exhaust-gas-recirculation setup.

Land Rover has assured that the testing of the diesel Range Rovers for U.S. markets will be completed by the time the vehicles hit the showrooms in the fall. The timing to launch the Range Rover diesel engines looks less perfect.