The general complaint about the Toyota Prius by its users, car experts and auto critics is that it does not offer much fun behind the wheel. Now, all these complaints will be a thing of the past once the 2016 Toyota Prius hit the road. It is expected that the all new Toyota Prius with double wishbone rear suspension and a brand new platform will be arriving in the showrooms early in 2016.

The 2016 Toyota Prius comes with an attractive and modern looking front fascia. It has a front strut set up. There is no doubt that the all new Toyota Prius will set the eyeballs rolling once it hits the roads. The new Toyota Prius was unveiled last night in Las Vegas. It promises to offer better looks and also will drive a lot better than its previous generation, thanks to the new platform and the double wishbone rear suspension.

2016 Toyota Prius To Offer A Sportier Drive

The handlebar of the previous version of the Prius was a bit low and was less interesting to use for a driver. But, all this has changed in the new Prius, which comes with improved handling. This was also emphasized by the Toyota division General Manager Bill Fay last night in Las Vegas.

The 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid car looks sleeker with new and bold lines. The car is said to offer 10% better fuel efficiency and car performance than the previous version, which was also quite impressive in the fuel economy front. The present Prius offers a 50 mpg mileage ad the 2016 Prius would offer a little more than 55 miles per gallon fuel economy.

The Senior Vice President of Toyota said that the company has raised the bar in terms of efficiency and the new Prius will offer a more premium feel and look. The car will cater to a wider and broader audience and will be a hit among the younger generation as well as the middle aged generation. The 2016 Prius will have more passenger room inside as it is 2.4 inches longer, 0.8 inches lower and 0.6 inches wider than the previous Prius version.

The new Toyota Prius hybrid version will be on sale early 20156 across America. The pricing of the car has not yet been announced. The Vice President of Toyota has hinted that it would be on the same lines of the current Prius, which means that you might get a better looking and performing Prius at the same price of the outgoing version.