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China Truck Industry Report, 2014-2017 by Acute Market Reports forecasts that during 2014-2017 China’s truck sales volume will register a CAGR of 8.7%, and reach 3.263 million vehicles by 2017. The truck, which enjoys the highest proportion in terms of output and sales volume among commercial vehicles, is highly closed to the development of macro-economy. In 2013, China’s truck output rose by 3.3% year on year to 2.705 million, compared with sales volume of 2.726 million, up 2.8% from a year earlier. During January to April 2014, China produced 1.012 million trucks, edging up 1.8% year on year, and sold 994,000 vehicles, down 0.5% from the same period of last year.

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The truck market is heading for a period of relatively slow growth, as China will continue to restructure its macro-economyover the upcomingsyears. Seen from market segments, heavy-duty truck embraces the fastest growth rate. In the first four months of 2014, a total of 91,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold in China, increasing by 14.4% year on year; by comparison, sales volume of light truck, which has the largest output and sales volume, were 650,000 during the same period, up only 0.5% year on year.


Table of Contents

  1. Industry’s Macro Environment

1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy

1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment

1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export

1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption

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2 Definition and Classification of Truck

2.1 Definition and Classification

2.1.1 Definition

2.1.2 Classification

2.2 Industry Policies


3 Commercial Vehicle Market

3.1 Output and Sales Volume and Forecast

3.1.1 Output and Forecast

3.1.2 Sales Volume and Forecast

3.2 Imports and Exports


4 Truck Market

4.1 Truck Output and Sales Volume and Forecast

4.1.1 Output and Forecast

4.1.2 Sales Volume and Forecast

4.2 Competitive Landscape

4.3 Development Trend

4.3.1 Trend of Heavy-duty Truck

4.3.2 Trend of Medium-duty Truck

4.3.3 Trend of Light and Mini Truck


5 Import and Export of Trucks

5.1 Import

5.1.1 Total Imports

5.1.2 Import by Country

5.2 Export

5.2.1 Total Exports

5.2.2 Export by Country

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