There are just three more days to go for the most awaited Apple launch event to be held on September 9. It is expected that Apple will be showing off its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones. There have been many leaks and rumors about the smartphones spread on the internet and every speculation will come to a full stop once Apple reveals the details of the new iPhone 6s in three days time.

One of the new features that will be revealed about the iPhone 6s on September 9 will be the force touch feature. This will be the next generation version of the Smartphone technology that will be quickly followed by other Smartphone manufacturers. The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus is expected to be coming out with a new pressure sensitive screen that is more than likely to be called as “3D Touch Display”.

3D Touch Is A New Feature On iPhone 6

Apple’s watch and the MacBook already are equipped with the Force Touch technology and they can easily distinguish between a press and a tap. But, the new iPhones will come with an advanced version of the Force Touch technology that will be very new to Smartphones. It will be able to sense three levels of pressure, namely: a tap, a press and a deeper press.

The screen sensor has the ability to sense three dimensions of pressure and hence is known as the 3D Touch screen. If this technology is seen in the new iPhone 6s, then you will find developers to come out with new games and also gesture based shortcuts. They will try to make use of the 3D touch technology to the fullest. This will be an icing on the cake for Apple and they will be able to easily sell the new iPhones to their customers.

Some of the uses of the new 3d touch technology will be new shortcuts to access Apple Music and Apple maps instantly. Using a Force Touch on Apple music app will pull up new options like adding a new song to your playlist or even saving it so that you can play it offline without making use of your data charges.

The Force Touch technology will be the most important feature that will be discussed by Apple at the Apple event on September 9. There are also rumors that the new 12.4 inch iPad Pro that would be showcased at the event to be also coming out with the Force Touch screen. So, everyone is waiting with anticipated breath to see what Apple does during the Apple event.