Amazon is looking to come out with a $50 tablet for all handheld devices fans. This is going to be an unbelievable cheap offer if Amazon brings a tablet under $50. The rumors are doing the rounds that the new $50 tablet that Amazon wants to bring out during the festive season is a 6 inch tablet which will be half the price of the Kindle Fire HD 6.

The new tablet from Amazon will be featuring a mono speaker and this tablet will be part of the planned trifecta that will also see new tablets with 8 inches and 10 inches. There is no confirmation as to whether the other two tablets will be coming out this festive season along with the $50 Amazon tablet. Also, the prices of the 8 inch and 10 inch tablets have not yet been revealed. There is no confirmation as to whether the other tablets will also be offered at rock bottom prices.

$50 Amazon Tablet Is Heading Your Way

The plan of Amazon is to make the Fire tablet affordable to everyone who is looking to own a smart device to check out the book and the video content at an affordable price. There is still doubt as to whether this idea of Amazon will work in the market and whether there will be takers for this low cost tablet.

Amazon has said that the low cost tablet devices will not be made to earn huge profits for the company. This will be let out by the company just to increase the reach of the Amazon Prime video streaming content as well as the Amazon e-books.

Amazon is still feeling the pain that the much hyped Fire Smartphone has given it as it flopped in a great way last year. It has to do away with $170 million against the unsold Fiore Smartphone inventory.

There are already speculations doing rounds in the technology market in the U.S that the new affordable Amazon Fire tablet will not get a good reception from the Americans. The consumers are ready to pay more to get high performance devices in this modern day and age. The mono speaker cannot be digested by most tablet users.

There is every chance for the affordable Amazon tablet to find a lot of takers in the international market. Everyone is waiting to see how solid the finished product would be and whether it could give the other low priced tablets a good run for their money in the market.