The Californian identical twin girls got to hear the voice of their parents for the first time on August 28th. The 6 month old twins were born with hearing defect. The twin girls were fitted with custom –made hearing aids with the help of a non- profit organization called Hear Aid foundation.

Gemila Hernandez, mother of identical twins, Kayla and Kiara said that it was really hard for them to digest when they came to know about the diagnosis. She said that she questioned whether they have ever heard her saying that she loved them.

6 Month Old Deaf Twins Hear Parents’ Voices For First Time

The 6-month old sisters risked problems in speech and communication, developmental delays without using the proper assistive device for hearing.

Gemila and her husband Raul wanted to provide the girls with hearing aids, but they found out that insurance wouldn’t pay for the expenses. A single pair of hearing aid costs $12,000. They couldn’t afford the cost of hearing aids and the checkups and follow up visits to the doctors. According to twins’ mother their insurance plan considered the hearing aids as “elective”. Moreover, they were not eligible for any assistance from the government as well.

Hernandez was distressed by the fact that her children would never be able to hear. She then contacted Hear Aid Foundation, based in Newport which was providing hearing aids to those in need, free of cost. The 6 months age is very crucial in developing the language skill in a person and with hearing loss these children stood a greater risk of developmental delays in their academic abilities.

Kayla was fitted first with the aid and her first reaction to her mother’s voice was captured on a TV camera. Kayla jerked her head when she heard her mother call her name. Kiara started making sounds when the device was fitted.

The new hearing devices will help Kayla and Kiara to hear the sounds around them and these devices will play a key role in helping the twin sisters to learn to speak.

According to Tanya Penn, from Hear Aid foundation, the younger the child fitted with the hearing device, the greater is their chance of success in developing language, speech, communication and in academics.

A visibly happy Gemila Hernandez said that her daughters will be now able to hear all the sounds and so many blessings and other beautiful things that this world would offer to them. She is quite relieved that her twins could hear now.

The non-profit organization Hear Aid offers help to people with hearing loss to get access to suitable hearing aids according to their special needs free of charge.