The scandal of emissions from Volkswagen vehicles continues as supervisory board decides to hold talks. To 90k vehicle founded in Australia, which have been built with the cheat software, crisis mounts in the company.

For those who have been planning to get a Volkswagen model, they might have to defer their plans or decide another brand to opt for as the company’s crisis deepens in Europe as well. Crisis talks have started off since deadlines were issued by the lawmakers in the US and Europe, especially in Germany. The company has announced that about 90k vehicles which include Audi cars as well, that were sold in Australia may have been equipped with the same software to cheat emission tests.

90k Vehicles In Australia Are Found With Cheat Software

The board consists of a twenty person committee that is holding talks at the headquarters of the company which will probably continue for several hours. On Wednesday the company announced that a website had been set up for the customers to check their vehicle details online in order to ascertain whether their vehicle is equipped with the cheat software as was declared to be included in 17000 commercial vehicles and 55000 vehicles in the passenger car category.

Audi Australia has also confirmed that about 14000 vehicles are fitted with the similar device that can rig emissions tests. This issue is now being taken up seriously by the Volkswagen Group Australia. All facts are being asked to be forwarded to the head office so that any rectifications that need to be done are planned soon.

The Australian regulators have launched an investigation in order to ascertain whether customers by Volkswagen were misled by deceptive, false or misleading assumptions by Audi or Volkswagen. The commission of competition and consumer interests is currently investigating the matter.

The whole extent of the scandal is being assessed by the company after which the affected vehicles will be recalled in January. The company targets to uninstall the software in all affected vehicles by the end of next year. These are commitments that have been made by the new CEO of the company, Matthias Mueller. Today it is revealed that about eleven million vehicles might have been fitted with the rigged software to cheat emissions tests. The software is being called a defeat device that is found on the vehicles. The company has also suspended some of the new vehicle sales in different parts of the country after the scandal has been exposed.