The cases of conjoined twins are becoming common nowadays. Yesterday a woman, Amber McCullough gave birth to two beautiful baby girls, but the twins were conjoined at the time of delivery. The two bodies of the babies were joined at the abdomen and hence the doctors had to operate on the babies immediately after delivery in order to separate them. The mother was hoping that the separation procedure would be successful, but the surgery was complicated and only one child could be saved in the surgery.

Amber, who is a resident of Minnesota, got the terrible news that Olivia, one of the conjoined twins, did not survive while the other, Hannah was in critical condition. The doctors who took up the surgery were wise and talented but were unable to help both twins to survive. The phenomenon of conjoined twins was a rare occurrence at the Children’s Hospital located in Colorado. Amber is keeping her faith up as the doctor’s battle to save Hannah’s life.

A Mother Of Conjoined Twins Knew From Before That One Of Her Twins Would Live

The news of conjoined twins surviving along with the mother would have made it history, but the fact remains that one of the baby girls survived and is still battling for her life. Amber feels that, even if Olivia lived for a few hours, she has left magical moments that will be cherished by Hannah and Amber. She is getting over the terrible news, but has hope and gratitude in her heart for the doctors who are trying to do the best for Hannah. Amber was pictured as a mother of twins and was interviewed even before the delivery happened. The likelihood that one of the twins will only survive was told to Amber by the doctors when it was revealed that she had conjoined twins in her womb. She has even posted photos of her ultrasound and tweeted how she was trying to live up to the fact that she will see only one of the two daughters alive. She says that the girls in her uterus lived a wonderful life; they embraced each other and stayed alive in her stomach. She enjoyed the last stages of her pregnancy the most when every kick, picture of the babies in her womb made her delighted and smiling.

McCullough kept her friends and family members abreast about the progress of her pregnancy through Facebook, posting photos of her ultrasound and allowing others to know her feelings and experiences as her delivery date approached with the impending separation of the twins.