The giant tablet – Samsung Galaxy View has been officially launched. The leaks have almost turned this device into a gush of marketing shots & specs rumors. This is the first-time when the kitchen tablet was officially revealed.

Kitchen Tablet, the name it got because of its 18.4 inches size. This android slate just reminds you of an old CRT TV set. The device won’t take up the entire shelf, but it can be carried easily with its handle. You can set it down anywhere even in a limited space.

A Review about Samsung Galaxy View

You get an access to entire internet on your fingertips. Galaxy View runs of Android Operating System. Presently, home page is just the regular Samsung’s TouchWiz, but report says, that it would be soon replaced by a better consumption-friendly interface. At the right side of the bottom of home screen, a small key opens grid to media apps like YouTube and Netflix.


Although, no confirmation is given about applications that enable streaming from Samsung TV to your kitchen Tablet but in case this is not the something that the Company has in works, then it is missing of a trick.


A photo interface known as Family Square enables the users to do digital scrapbooking. You can collect images which you can share as a collection with relatives & friends. The physical design is really interesting, as the stand do not let the device lie down absolutely flat, but offers two standard modes lying almost flat and standing up.


Although, not confirmed yet, but sources states that Galaxy View Tablet appears to be processed by external power bricks. The DC input can be utilized for data transferring in the absence of Micro USB port.


Samsung says the giant tablet can last for 8 hours with a single complete charge. The thick 5,700mAh battery offers a decent standby time.


It is featured with stereo speakers placed at the rear side of the device. The sound quality is simply amazing.


It supports a RAM of 2 GB and storage of 32 GB. It runs on 1.6 GHz Octa-core Exynos 7580 processor by Samsung.


Currently, the leaked cost of the device is estimated to be $599 i.e. around £469 including VAT.


Many people will mock at its mirthful dimensions, but the target market might appreciate it well. To carry your own catch-up TV around is a boon for many users; if priced right, it can be a great hit!