The marketing research unit called Think which is part of Google’s enterprise, has unveiled a tool called the Travel dashboard. It is an online tool that is available for free and can offer trends and movement, year on year, of travel related data that surround verticals like hotels, flights and car rental services in the US. This kind of data will surely help marketers to design their campaigns accordingly. The data will be made available for free and will be updated every quarter.

There are interesting insights that emerge from the data. For instance, the queries with direct airlines have risen by nineteen percent for Delta compared to fifty two percent of Allegiant Air for the period between January and June 2015. This shows that search marketing tools like Adwords as well as the dedicated search marketing tools of these airlines have been effective. For hotels there are handy market research findings to gather like the volume of search that has gone up on mobile devices by as much as fifty percent for the first half of the year as compared to previous year data.

A Travel Dashboard Has Been Unveiled That Can Help The US Marketers

The total gain for tours and travel related activities online has increased by forty seven percent. Even air queries have increased on mobile devices as found across all Google related data platforms.

Besides all this information, the dashboard has several handy tools for the users as well. For instance, one can gain knowledge about the main destinations of US which seem to be the target of travelers during summer, as may be found from the July to September 2014 data. Sin City is seen to be the biggest gainer in the number of visitors by the travel dashboard metrics. Not only will one be able to see an increase of flow of tourism traffic to a certain area in the US, but also see the regions from where the traffic is originating. This can be a wonderful tool for any marketer who wishes to promote a region or a travel service.

This might be the start of research data that can be found on different parameters and for different regions which would be invaluable for different industries. As data mining and analytics to gain ground in the present market scenario, Google seems to have stepped in to make the processes easier and data collection more convenient for many. It will be interesting to see the future of this dashboard and how it can help out marketers in other countries as well as of different industries.