It is hardly difficult to find anyone without a Smartphone these days. This phone has brought the world closer and there are many manufacturers who come out with the latest types of Smartphones every other day. Acer, a popular tablet and notebook manufacturer, have come out with a brand new gaming Smartphone to appease game lovers. The new Acer Smartphone is centered on gamers and is called the Predator 6.

The main point to write about this game centered Smartphone from Acer is the number of cores that the CPU of the phone contains. You might have come across phones with two, four or even an 8 core processor. But, Acer has taken this one step higher and has come out with a 10 core CPU predator 6 Smartphone. The phone was teased by Acer at the IFA in Berlin yesterday and everyone was awestruck by the 10 core processor used in the phone. This new Android powered Smartphone is an absolute beast when it comes to multitasking and you do not feel any lag in speed when playing high quality graphic games on your phone.

Acer’s New Predator 6 Gaming Smartphone Is An Attention Grabber

The Acer Predator 6 Smartphone is packed with a host of features to make it an in-demand phone among game lovers. It comes with MedaiTex Helio X20 deca-core processor. This processor gets the support of 4GB RAM to carry out multitasking jobs without any hassles. The screen size was not shared with the audience during the IFA release, but it looks like this gaming Smartphone has a 6 inch screen to give you immense gaming pleasure.

The main rear camera of Acer Predator 6 comes with 21 megapixels resolution that can give some of the biggest brands a tough fight. Another impressive feature about the Predator 6 Smartphone is the four front facing speakers offered on the phone. This will give you unique and high quality sound experience when playing your favorite games on your phone. The impressive sound will give you unique gaming experience when using the phone.

The Acer Predator 6 phone is designed keeping the younger generation in mind. They love to have a solid camera and good gaming features on their phone and they have got this from Acer. There is no doubt that this phone will offer the best game laying experience on a touch screen device and gamers will really love to use this phone.

All these shiny and attractive features can take the Acer Predator 6 phone to a new level. There are no further details revealed by the company about the other phone specifications and its launch date.