If you want to get rid of the annoying ads that you come across when browsing the internet on your mobile phone, then you need to make use of an ad block browser. Apple is all set to announce the content blocking technology that it will be bringing out on its mobile safari browser today at the Apple event.

Eyeo GmbH has jumped the barrel and announced that its Adblock Plus extension has been converted into a standalone browser to be used for Apple mobile devices. This means that this Adblock plus browser can be used to your iOS mobile devices to get freedom from annoying ads that spruce up when browsing internet sites. The best part is that the new Adblock plus standalone browser app uses Salsita technology rather than Apple.

AdBlock Plus Browser Launched For Android And iOS

The company has said that it has also released the Adblock Plus browser for Android devices through the Google Play Store. The beta version of the Adblock Plus was launched in May with features like saving battery life, blocking of intrusive ads and patching security holes. Now, the full version is made available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The Adblock Plus’s lead developer, Felix Dahlke, has said that the company is very happy to have come out with an ad blocker to give mobile users quick and easy access to their favorite sites. This will help in saving data usage as well as save the battery life of the device. The company is eager to get user feedback now.

This app was first developed for Android devices. But it was taken out of the Google Play Store in 2013 along with many other ad blocking programs. The Adblock plus company did not negotiate with Google this time and took the app to the Google Play Store. It was accepted and hence it is now available through the Play Store for download.

If mobile ad blocking becomes a huge success, then web content will become far less usable by the users. No one will want to access websites from their computers and laptops and everyone will make use of the ad-free browsers to check websites.

The ad blocking on mobile devices will be soon gaining a lot of places and will become a very common thing in the near future. Apple is also going to announce the ability of blocking content on the new iOS 9 at the Apple event in San Francisco.