AfromanJoseph Edgar Foreman, age 40, performs on stage under the name “Afroman”. However, on February 17 while performing in Biloxi Mississippi, he found himself in some serious trouble after assaulting a female fan. As Foreman is playing guitar, a female fan comes on stage. Standing off to the side, she slowly dances to the music with a drink in her hand when out of nowhere he turns and punches her directly in the face.

The woman falls to the ground but seconds later is able to stand. Foreman continues playing after the assault as if nothing had happened. Almost immediately, either the woman’s boyfriend, husband, or male friend, jumps up on stage, gives Foreman a quizzical look, and walks over to the woman as she makes her way off stage.

The problem is that the entire incident was captured on video. People in the audience were obviously in shock. However, the assault that took place at the Kress Live Entertainment Venue was reported to the Biloxi Police Department.

Whether the police saw the actual video, had witnesses, or other people came forward about the assault is unknown but Foreman was arrested based on a Citizen’s Affidavit. After being booked into the jail, he paid the $330 bond and was released.

In a statement from Biloxi Chief of Police John Miller to the Sun Herald, the woman got on stage and within a very short time Foreman turned around and punched her in the face.

Apparently, this is not the first time “Afroman” has had confrontations with fans. Reports have surfaced that he has had a longstanding issue with people getting on stage while her performs but obviously the woman who was punched was unaware.

According to Foreman, hitting people who get on stage is nothing more than a completely involuntary reflex reaction. He feels when he performs the stage is his personal space so when people invade he feels compelled to protect it.

Foreman went on to say that the behavior was uncharacteristic, something initiated by outside forces that he could not control. However, Foreman also pointed blame on the venue security, saying they did not do their job in keeping the woman from coming on stage.

He can make all the excuses in the world but with a video showing everything, he might be hit with a major civil suit in addition to his upcoming criminal case.