According to a recently published report, the global Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics And Diagnostics Market is expected to grow $7200 million till 2022with the CAGR of 7.1% during 2015-2022. The segmentation of global alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and diagnostics markets is based on therapeutics, diagnostics, imaging technologiesand regional outlook. The report on global alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and diagnostics market forecast2015-2022 (therapeutics, diagnostics, imaging technologiesand Regional outlook) provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

Detailed study on this Report:

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, non-reversible, neurodegenerative disorder caused due to abnormal functioning of brain cells. According to National Institute of Aging, Alzheimer disease is the common form of dementia. This type of disease is mainly found in elders, 1 out of 3 senior citizens dies with alzheimer diseases or another dementia.There are various symptoms of alzheimer disease like repetitive movement, agitation, insomnia, memory loss, depression, loss of reasoning abilities and so on. This severe disease kill more peopleas compared to the lives taken by breast and prostate cancer conjointly.The global alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and diagnostics market is growing with rising prevalence of alzheimer diseases. Mainly the alzheimer’s disease is found in the people of aged 60years or above. The working of brain is badly affected and the patient is unable to react normally as the normal human being do. The alzheimer diseases is one of the major chronic diseases that take many lives worldwide even the expenditures on the R&D of alzheimer diseases is also very high. The increasing occurrence rate and prevalence of alzheimer diseases is enhancing the global alzheimer diseases therapeutics &diagnostics market upward.

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Scope of the report

  1. Global Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics And Diagnostics Market By Therapeutics 2012 – 2022 ($ million)
    1.1. Biomarkers
    1.2. Cholinesterase inhibitors
    1.3. NMDA receptor antagonists
  2. Global Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics And Diagnostics Market By Diagnostics2012 – 2022 ($ million)
    2.1. Brain imaging
    2.2. Blood tests
  3. Global Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics And Diagnostics Market By Imaging Technologies2012 – 2022 ($ million)
    3.1. Structural imaging
    3.2. Functional imaging
    3.3. Molecular imaging
  4. Global Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics And Diagnostics Market Regional Outlook 2012-2022( $ million)
    4.1. North America
    4.2. Europe
    4.3. Asia Pacific
    4.4. Rest of the World
  5. Company Profile
    5.1. Abbvie Inc.
    5.2. AC Immune SA
    5.3. Allergan PLC
    5.4. Amarantus Bioscience Holdings
    5.5. Anavex Life Sciences
    5.6. Avid Radiopharmaceuticals
    5.7. Axon Neuroscience
    5.8. Axovant Sciences
    5.9. Daiichi Sankyo Co
    5.10. Eli Lilly
    5.11. F. Hoffmann La Roche AG
    5.12. GE Healthcare
    5.13. Janssen Pharmaceuticals
    5.14. Merck & Co
    5.15. Navidea Biopharmaceuticals


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