Amazon Web Services has just acquired a fast growing Oregon based video streaming infrastructure company called Elemental Technologies. This deal has been clinched by Amazon Web Services for $500 million. This acquisition by Amazon will help in shoring up the Amazon Web Services cloud management.

There are no details let out by Amazon on the terms of the deal. Amazon Web Services are one of the biggest and the best public cloud that you can find today. Amazon is now looking to come out with the new services that are based on the Elemental’s technology. This deal will give Amazon Web Services to diversify its services and to branch out from its public cloud based services to offer companies on-premise data centers.

Amazon Acquires Video Processing Company Elemental Technologies is a household name when it comes to offering eCommerce and public cloud services. This Fortune 500 Company that is based in Seattle and has been on the World Wide Web since 1995. It is a trusted brand on the web.

The acquisition of Elemental Technologies by Amazon will give the company the opportunity to work closely to offer leading media companies with an option to have on-field data centers and cloud based solutions for better video delivery on the internet.

Elemental Technologies is a fast growing company that was founded in 2006. It has been offering cloud based software that allows the customers to easily reformat and to stream live videos onto the user’s laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices. There are some big names like the BBC, Sky, HBO, ESPN and Comcast who are clients of the Elemental Technologies.

The acquisition of Elemental technologies by Amazon or the Amazon Web Services is said to be one of the largest that the company has made. This deal was finalized by Amazon for $500 million. The biggest deal that Amazon has so far executed is the purchase of the apparel and shoe retailer Zappos for a whopping $1.2 billion in 2009. Amazon is always on the lookout for acquiring business that will help it to grow. Last year, Amazon had acquired the video streaming service Twitch for $970 million.

Amazon Web Services will now combine with Elemental technologies to work as a close knit unit to offer popular media companies all kinds of cloud based solutions that they need in an efficient manner. The entertainment industry and the media are at an inflection point and Amazon Web Services is ready to meet all the demands of the industry to help their media group customers to offer delightful viewing content for their client all over the world.