The video streaming service competition is really heating up and Amazon has now added fuel to the fire by offering Amazon Prime members the option of downloading videos. This will help them to watch the TV shows and movies offline or in places where there is no internet connectivity. They do not have to pay any additional fee to avail the video download service.

Amazon is offering the free TV shows and movie download offer for $99 annual Prime members. So, even if your mobile connection stops, you will not have to worry about your movie stopping anymore.

The Amazon Prime members are given the option of downloading the movies or TV shows on their mobile devices, no matter they are using Apple’s iPads or iPhones or smart phones that are running on Android OS. This offline video watching option was just allowed for Fire tablet users earlier. Now, it has been extended to all mobile platforms. So, everyone using a Smartphone can now watch movies and TV shows streamed on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Download Videos

The users who are interested in using this Amazon Prime offer, just need to download the Amazon video app for Android or iOS devices. You will not be able to download the shows or movies that you like on your laptops or desktops. They can only be downloaded to the mobile devices that you have.

By offering the offline watching experience, Amazon is looking to give other popular video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix a good run for their money. These streaming sites only allow its members to watch movies and TV shows online and do not give them a download option.

This offer from Amazon gives its users the option to watch a movie or a TV show at the convenience and at the time they want to. They can even watch the show or movie in bits and everything is under their control.

Some of the popular titles that are offered for free download for the Amazon Prime $99 members include: past episodes of “True Blood and “Girls”, “ The Americans”, “Orphan Black” and “Downtown Abbey” and movies like “ The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “Star Trek Into Darkness’ and “The Wolf on Wall Street”.

Netflix has announced that they will not be following the footsteps of the Amazon and offer offline viewing option for its users. They feel that with the advancements in technology and the increasing internet speeds and Wi-Fi connectivity these days, members will not face any problem to watch live streaming of TV shows and movies.