announced that they are going to stop the sales of video-streaming devices from Google and Apple on their site. The famous web-retailer wants to promote its own video streaming service, Prime Instant Video.

Amazon said that the media –streaming products from Google or Apple are not well-suited for its video service and hence the ban. Amazon, based in Seattle has already sent e-mails to their online sellers that the Chromecast device from Google and Apple TV having problems in interacting with Prime Video and hence they will stop selling these devices.

Amazon To Stop Selling Of Media Streaming Devices From Apple And Google

Amazon has informed that it will not allow any new listings for these devices and any postings of the remaining inventory will get removed by the site from October 29th. The Prime Video of Amazon doesn’t fully support the rival hardware.

According to the statement made by Amazon, Microsoft’s Xbox, Roku Inc’s set-top device and Sony’s PlayStation that works well will Amazon’s streaming device will not get affected by the ban. Currently the Fire TV stick of Amazon that plugs into an HDMI port to connect the TV with streaming devices like prime video and Netflix are the best -selling electronic device of the company.

The surprising decision by Amazon came just before the holiday season, which is also the main shopping period. This indicates that the web retailer is ready to stop the sales of products from popular brand to strengthen the position of their streaming hardware in the online market.

Amazon is spending heavily to attract new subscribers with its online content. The techniques used by the company include producing shows like “Transparent”. The new subscribers will be able to enjoy speedy shipping from the site and will get easy access to videos and other services by paying $99/ year.

The decision to ban video streaming devices which are not compatible will affect Google more than any other company as they have their own store and direct access to the customers.

By taking out the best –selling brands from their list Amazon will also get affected. People visit the website which sells best brands and when there are no best brands available on the site they have no reason to visit the site. Consumers will be able to get Google and Apple products from other sources.

According to a report in 2014, Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku devices make up for more than 86% of the video streaming devices used by U.S households.