Mitsubishi has created a limited number of its Lancer Evolution final edition to be sold in Japan and in the United States. Mitsubishi will be selling 1,000 units of the final edition in their country and will be sending 1,600 units to the United States. The last edition Evolution will be priced at $37,995 in the U.S. to own this edition the buyer’s will have to pay $3,000 more than the price of regular model Evo X.

Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer Evolution for the first time with turbo charged engines and all wheel drive in the U.S market in 2003. Through the years the car has undergone subtle refinement and has continued to exist for 10 generations.

America’s Last Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Edition To Cost $37,995

The final edition Lancer Evo will be based on the current GSR model and will have special badging.

Mitsubishi has made necessary changes in the performance of its flagship sedan’s final variant. The upgrade made in the vehicle allows modest performance. In the final edition, the company has used turbocharged 2.0 liter engine which spits out a power of 303 hp and a torque of 305lb-ft which will be distributed to all four wheels through a five speed manual transmission.

The standard models had 291bhp and 300 ft-lbs. The final edition in Japan as well as in the U.S will be restricted to GSR models, but, will be added with black colored roof, Bilstein shocks, chrome finished wheels, Eibach springs and Brembo rotors for the front brake.

In the interior, each car will have black with red accents on seats, brake handles, steering wheel, floor mats, console lid, etc. The badge positioned on the console denotes the production number.

The last edition Evo is expected to come in colors like pearl white, octane blue, rally red, mercury gray and comes with glossy black accents on the bumper and hood air outlet.

The base model of 2015 Lancer Evolution GSR was priced at $35,305 whereas the final edition with special equipments is priced at $38,805. The pricing seems reasonable as the high end Evolution MR trim is priced higher than that.

We do not know what Mitsubishi is planning after Evo X. There are rumors that Evo may be eventually replaced by a hybrid crossover. We can hope that Mitsubishi may bring something as cool and exciting as the Evo X in the future.

The final edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is expected to go on sale in the United States in November 2015.