The latest operating system for Android devices called Marshmallow has many features borrowed from iOS. So, Apple is providing an app to make the big switch for Android users. The app is available from Google play store.

The app named “Move to iOS” made its first appearance soon after the worldwide developer’s conference in June. Apple released it iOS 9 two days back.

Shortly after the official release of iOS 9 Apple released the Android-iOS switch app.

Android Users Can Now Move To iOS With Apple App

The “move to iOS” app will help the present Android phone and tablet users to switch to iOS driven phone or iPad. This is done by moving some of the data present on the Android device to new iOS device.

There is no need for the Android users to backup the device as the transfer of data is not occurring in the cloud. The private Wi-Fi network will take care of the situation.

According to the description provided by the Google play store, this app will be able to transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, browser bookmarks, calendars, and email accounts etc. to iOS devices. Contents like apps available on Android and iOS platforms are located within the wish list in iTunes.

When you select to transfer the data, the new iOS devices will produce a private Wi-Fi network and will search for the nearby Android device in working to move the contents to iOS.

The iOS 9 will provide a security code that you need to enter into the Android device to sync the devices over the private temporary network.

The Android users can select the option “Move Data From Android” in the Apps and Data Setup screen and open the move to iOS app on the Android phone or tablet and wait for ten digit code to appear on the iPhone.

You can select the items to be transferred to the new iOS using the transfer screen. Check whether all the required items are transferred successfully.

After completing the transfer, the Android user even get a message from Apple that suggest disposing the old Android device at the Apple retail store.

Since January 2015, The Cupertino Company has been publicizing the Android to iOS switch. Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, announced in July that the process was a great success.

Users will require Android 4.0 or above to use move to iOS. If you want to transfer the chrome bookmarks you should have the latest version of chrome in your device.