Google has come out with a new compatibility offer that will allow Android Wear operating system to be compatible with Apple iOS mobile platforms. Google always had its interest in crossing platforms and to port all its popular apps to iOS mobiles and tablets and other devices. Google has now announced that its Android wear smartwatches will work with iOS devices as well.

Any iPhone user who is looking to wear a smart watch previously had the option of only choosing from Pebble or the Apple Watch. With this new compatibility, Android wear smartwatches can also be used by iOS device users.

For the first time, Google has paved the way for iPhones to be paired with Android powered smartwatches. The move has really bolstered the market for the smartwatch devices. There is every possibility of Apple Watch taking a beating in the market after this move from Google.

Android Wear Smartwatches Will Now Work On iOS

There are a few experts who believe that Google’s Android powered smartwatches will be able to only offer restricted set of features for iOS paired devices and not all features of Android apps be accessed by iOS users. The Android smartwatch is a reasonable offer for all those who do not want to invest in a premium priced Apple Watch.

The Android wear smartwatches will appeal to those people who love to wear the classic type of circular faced watches. The main thing is that Apple will always safeguard its best app features from Android wear smartwatches, just like it did with the Pebble watch.

Google is all set to unveil new smartwatches at the Ufa tech show in Berlin. It has made this huge announcement to grab the attention of the people visiting the tech show. The director of engineering of Android wear, David Singleton, has said that all future Android wear watches will be supporting iOS and this would be the case for watches offered by Asus, Motorola and Huawei.

The iPhone user is all set to gain from this compatibility offer from Google says the Android wear director of engineering. The iOS device users will be able to check notifications, messages and even receive calls using their smart wrist watches. You can use your voice to make search queries on Google. Google Fit service can be used to keep track of the fitness activities as well as the heart rate.

The Android wear for iOS will work on any iPhone at the moment and exclusively on LG watch Urbane. Google has said that all the upcoming Android wear watches will work with iPhones in the near future.