Apple’s app store, has turned down Cecil’s revenge, a mobile game in which the animals shoot the poachers.

In Cecil, the lion mobile game, a safari truck full of wild animals open fire at caricatures of poachers that ranges from the colonialists to cartoon Africans.

The rejection message from the app store to the game developer states that it does not approve apps in which a particular race, culture or government or corporation or any real individual is featured as the enemy.

Apple App Store Rejects Cecil’s Revenge Game

The game is named after the African lion, which was illegally shot by an American Walter James Palmer. This 55 year old person from Minnesota allegedly baited the lion with carcass placed on a car and shot it with an arrow. He followed the animal and gave the final blow using a gun after 40 hours.

Apple said that the game is specifically targeting the poachers and asked the developers to review the concept and content of the app and to avoid targeting any particular individual or groups.

The creators of the game, Cecil’s revenge, David Kotkin and Glenn Cutler, feels that the game does not intentionally target one group or race or any one person killing the animals. They also stated that Apple instead of supporting their cause shutdown Cecil game.

Cutler said in a statement that the death of Cecil, the lion, has empowered them to create a game in which the animals shoot the hunters.

This was the first game created by these developers and the main idea of creating this game was to inspire people to develop technology that will prevent illegal poaching. In Cecil game, big game animals such as elephants, giraffes, hippos, etc. take aim at their enemies, the human poachers.

It was decided that the profits from this asteroid inspired game would be used for funding technology such as satellites and drones that will play an important role in stopping illegal wildlife hunting activities.

It is not the first time that the conservative app policing by Apple is causing problem. The World War II game was banned because it featured the German soldiers as the enemy.

However, Google has approved this free game app and it is available free of cost from Google play store. You can download it and start hunting the poachers who want to kill the protected wild animals.

The gamers feel that Apple is not applying its policies universally. Even now, there are plenty of games on the app store which features specific races and groups like Hispanics, drug dealers, African Americans, etc.