The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S plus has just been around in the market from last weekend and is doing phenomenal business. If Apple’s reports are to be believed, then Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has drawn the maximum number of pre-orders and sales in the first weekend of its launch.

The deliveries of the new iPhone 6S handsets are already under way and many of you might even have laid your hands on it. The 3D touch feature, improved camera and of course the rose gold color might have impressed you a lot and you would be over the moon having this phone on your hand.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors Already Doing Rounds

The new iPhone 6S is said to be living to the expectations of many tech analysts and critics. The Apple fans are queuing up at the Apple stores to buy the new iPhone 6S and 6S plus. With so much of commotion already going on around the newly launched iPhone 6S, there are now rumors doing rounds on the internet that Apple is already working on the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 7.

The mobile phone market has already started talks about the new iPhone 7. There are rumors doing the rounds that the next generation Apple iPhone 7 will be launched in about a year’s time. Apple normally releases the next generation of iPhones after three years. The in between years are sued to bring out the S version of the previous model. As the 6S and the 6S plus has released this year, now the talk is about the next generation iPhone 7 that is due to release next year.

The new iPhone 7 might be coming out with the most durable series 7 aluminum material that is used to make aircrafts. There are even talks that Apple would be thinking beyond the 7 series for its next generation iPhone. The iPhone 7 would be coming out with A10 chipset with a hexa-core processor. The iPhone could have a curved screen with an HD screen resolution.

The new iPhone 7 phones would be built on a waterproof and dustproof body, which is a first for an iPhone. The next phone from Apple will be the thinnest with just 6 or 6.5 mm thickness. This is just very early to speculate on what the new iPhone 7 would be offered for the diehard iPhone fans. There is no information as to whether Apple will come out with a new name for the next phone or whether it would add an increasing number to its iPhone name.