Samsung no longer is the leader of the smartphone global market. The maker of the just released Galaxy S6 lost the top spot in the global market to Apple during the 2014 fourth quarter, after holding that spot since 2011, indicated newly released sales figures.

Apple sold over 74.7 million iPhones during the quarter that includes the holiday shopping season, taking more than 20.4% of the smartphone market share, to out distance Samsung which had sales over the same period of 73 million units for a total market share of 19.9%, down from the same quarter one year ago of 29.5%.

The performance by Samsung in the market deteriorated even further during the 2014 fourth quarter when it lost close to 10% of its share in just three months.

Samsung continues struggling to control its falling share of smartphone sales, which reached its pinnacle in the 2013 third quarter. This downward movement shows that the South Korea based Samsung’s share of the profitable smartphone users has been placed under great pressure, said one industry analyst.

At the same time, Apple set sales records during its fourth quarter because of the more than anticipated demand for its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially in the United States and China. Sales in China were up 56% and 88% in the U.S. Many Apple users traded their older iPhone for the newest generation model and Apple gained a few new fans because of its handsets with larger screens, which now are direct rivals of Android models of the same size. In all, the fourth quarter for Apple was its best three-month period of all time.

Samsung is hoping its most recent smartphone the Galaxy S6 and its sister S6 Edge will help turn the company around in 2015. Both of the devices had their unveiling this week at MWC in Barcelona.

Overall sales worldwide of smartphones enjoyed a record during the fourth quarter with sales up by 29.9% to 367.5 million handsets.