The Apple Music service that is popular in the U.S. is now offered in China as well. Apple has opened its music streaming service along with iTunes movies and iBooks in China. This Asian country is the largest market for Apple App downloads. In order to capitalize on the popularity that the Apple apps are enjoying in China, Apple decided to expand its service in the country.

There are many local players in the market that offer streaming music service in China. Apple has to deal with the local streaming services as well as high privacy levels in China in order to get its iTunes Music service popular. The National Copyright Administration of China had already issued a warning that it would be very severe on any streaming service that offers unlicensed music in China.

Apple Takes Its Music Streaming Service To China

The users of PC, iOS devices, and Mac in China will be able to avail the music streaming service from Apple from today. The Chinese can sign in for a three month trial membership of Apple Music. They will have to shell out just 10 yuan or $1.6 to avail three month services of Apple Music. Even though the promotional offer is damn cheap and cheaper than what Apple offers for U.S. residents, the music streaming service cannot sell like hot cakes.

There are many analysts who believe that Apple’s offers of a million songs along with iTunes movies and iBooks will not be as appealing to the people in China. This service cannot find popularity among Chinese like their sleazy and modern smart phones and tablets. Also, the language barrier is a problem that cannot be discounted.

China has been a very difficult market to penetrate for foreign companies as China always prefers local companies. The language barrier can hit the sales of Apple Music streaming service very badly. But, one good thing for Apple is that they are offering the Apple Music service both on Apple iPhones and Android devices. Android smart phones are the most popular Smartphone in China and this way more people might buy the Apple Music streaming service.

Apple Music will be offering local China music from popular local artists like JJ Lin, Li Ronghao, Eason Chan and G.E.M. Apple Music will also be offering popular music of international music artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. The users also can rent or buy movies from Hollywood studios and Chinese studios from the iTunes store.

Image Credit : PC World