Apple during the big event on Wednesday at San Francisco announced that it has entered into a tie-up with leading leather brand Hermes to bring out the Apple Watch Hermes collection. This Apple watch will come in new and improved leather bands from Hermes that includes the single tour, double tour and Cuff. Apple also revealed the Rose Gold and Gold variants of the Apple Watch Sport.

The Apple Watch Hermes collection starts at $1,000 and this is for the 38mm stainless steel case Single tour and the 42 mm stainless steel case with Single Tour costs $1,150. If you want to buy the Apple Watch Hermes with 38 mm stainless steel case with double tour, then you will have to shell out $1,250 and the 42 mm stainless steel with the Cuff is offered at $1,500.

Apple Unveils Apple Watch Hermes Collection

The retail sales of the Apple watch Hermes collection will be kick starting at the select Hermes stores and Apple retail stores from October 5 in the United States and other major countries of the world.

The stainless steel case will come with the Hermes signature etching on it. The watch is offered with a face that can be customized with three exclusive dial designs that are inspired by Hermes watches.

Apple also announced at the event that the new watch OS2.0 for the Apple watch will be releasing on September 2. This will be offered as a free update for all the Apple watch users from September 16. This is the same day when the iOS 9 will start seeding to its compatible devices. The new Apple watchOS2 will make the apps faster and they can also run natively on the Apple Watch. Apple also announced that third party apps will be able to display the information on the watch.

The new WatchOS 2 is the first major software update that the Apple watch will be getting. This will help in customizing the new watch faces that also include Time-lapse, photo and photo album. One new feature that is added to watchOS 2 is the ability to answer back an email with dictation, emoji or smart replies. The third party app integration will offer the Apple watch users with the chance to see news headlines know the flight timings and so on.

The new Apple watch also comes with red Sports band in support of the fight against AIDS. The app developers can now take advantage of APIs and key hardware to develop native apps.