If you are a fan of Apple watch and want to buy one, then you will be happy to know that the new Apple watch is making its way to a Target outlet near you. The Apple smart watch can be bought in some of the Target retail stores in the U.S. this week. But, by October 25th, all the Target outlets in the country will be having enough and more stock of the Apple smart watches.

Apple Watch Heading To All U.S. Target Stores By October 25th

There will only be some models of Apple smart watches that will be sold at the retail outlets of Target. If you love to shop online for Apple watches, then you need to check out Target.com website from October 18. Yes, Target.com online store will have a wide variety of Apple smart watches in different sizes from October 18.

You can check out as many as 20 different models in the online store. You will also find watches that are offered in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. Al the newer styles of Apple watches that came into limelight in September will be made available for customers by October 18 on the online Target store.

The faux rose gold and the special edition lineup of Apple watches in gold can only be bought online at Target stores. The space gray and rose gold colors will be sold at the online store and it is announced that the price of the new Apple smart watch is $599. This means that both steel models as well as sports, band models will be on offer at the online store.

Apple has started to expand the sales of the Apple watches by offering the sales of the product to third party vendors. This is an attempt by Apple to reach to more and more people in quick time, rather than selling it all by itself. Best Buy was the first big retail chain store to start selling the Apple watch products. Now, Apple has also handed over the sales baton of the new Apple watches with Target retail stores that have stores all across America.

With the holiday shopping season just about to start, there is no doubt that Apple will be able to enjoy great sales of its new smartwatch through the Target stores. Apple has not let out the numbers as to how many watches it has sold so far. But, with more expansion in the retail market, Apple will be expected to sell more products than what it did through its Apple online stores.