Eight users of the Ashley Madison site have taken legal action against this site for cheating as hackers have exploited the site and released the personal information of several users, counting to millions which included financial data as well as sexual discourses. The lawsuits have been filed from last month and the last lawsuit was filed on Monday by users of the site based across states like Minnesota, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, California and Georgia. All the lawsuits are seeking class action status and are representing around 37 million users of this website who are registered members.

Ashley Madison Website In Trouble
The lawsuits have not mentioned damages, but are claiming for negligence, violation of privacy and breach of the contract formed between the website and the members. The lawsuits have a common complaint that the company failed to take the right steps which should have been taken in order to ensure that the users’ privacy was protected which also included many who paid specially to keep their personal details deleted from the system.
Hackers had infiltrated the website last month and downloaded confidential information of the members. Details that were supposed to be confidential like home addresses, names, financial data and emails as well as message history of the members were posted on public forums. The lawsuits have been filed for the disastrous effects of such information having been made public by hackers which the website administrators were unable to prevent. Many members were part of the site since 2012.
The accusations towards the site are the security measures adopted which were inadequate, unfair and unreasonable. For that reason, several users have their personal details splashed all over the web as well as contact details, jeopardizing their private lives and safety as well.
The breach that has occurred in this case is unlike the kind of lawsuits that are often launched against companies like Hulu, Google and Apple. Many users are worried about the release of intimate and sexual preferences that might jeopardize their existing relationships as well as marriages, as many men covertly use the site and engage in virtual dates and sexual encounters.
Avid Life Media that owns the website has offered a reward of an amount $500,000 in Canadian dollars for the members of the group that has hacked the website and caused this mayhem. This might be an agenda by hackers to impose their personal ideology on people, which needs to be protested against. The hacker group that made the breach declared that they had done so as the website had collected a fee of $19 without actually performing the desired action of deleting the data of the users.