NETHERLANDS – An Audi A6 TDI Ultra, has set a record for driving through 14 countries almost non-stop, without refueling. Motor journalist Andrew Frankel and racing driver Rebecca Jackson drove the car for nearly 28 hours non-stop, from Netherlands to Hungary. During their journey, they passed through 14 countries that includes Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.

The journey started from Maastricht at 9:48 am (GMT) on Tuesday, June 9. They clocked up 1,158.9 miles (1,865.1 km) in their odometer, which consumed a 73-litre tank of fuel. The drive came to an end at 12:44 pm (GMT), on Wednesday, June 10, achieving a 75.9 miles to the gallon from the car.

Their route was strategically mapped by the RAC route planner, taking the stress away from the pair. RAC has more than 100 years of experience in providing European breakdown cover for members, to make drives more efficient, fetching more miles per gallon, considering factors like built-up, congested towns, cities and mountains.

RAC also provided them roadside assistance, and the crew, headed by the RAC’s new Patrol Ambassador of the Year, Ben Wilson. Along with his crew, he followed the pair through their drive but ran out of fuel in Hungary, where he had to end his journey.

“By covering so much of Europe on a single fill-up, we have proven that real-world economy of almost 76mpg or more can be had from the latest engine technology,” said Jon Zammett, Head of Audi UK Public Relations. He further added “The Audi A6 TDI Ultra has proven the range capability of one of the world’s most advanced executive cars.”

Whilst on their journey, the pair had to endure diversions for heavy traffic and accident as well as a closed tunnel, leading them to an unplanned mountain detour. The couple says they could have covered a much more distance if they didn’t face such problems.

“The last few miles of the record attempt were nail-biting as the car’s computer was reading ‘zero miles’ with 16 miles to go to reach Hungary to make it 14 countries,” said Simon Williams, RAC’s record-trip coordinator. But they completed their journey against all odds, and Williams said Andrew and Rebecca’s achievement was phenomenal.

Except for being fitted with fuel-efficient, low rolling resistance tyres, their A6 TDI Ultra was completely stock, as preferred by the pair. With this record, Audi has proved its technology to be the most efficient in its class.