BabyThere is no question that the survival of an 18-month old infant named Lily Groesbeck is nothing short of a miracle. Around 10:30 pm last Friday night, people in the vicinity of the Spanish Fork river in Utah heard a loud crash but after going outside to investigate, they saw nothing.

It was not until 14 hours later when an angler decided to go fishing and noticed car tires upside in the water. After going to investigate, he realized there was a deceased woman in the driver’s seat, prompting him to call 911. However, what happened next was incredible.

Several officers and rescue personnel who came to see if anyone was alive heard a voice from inside the vehicle as if calling out for help. Together, the tipped the car back on its side, only to confirm the driver was in fact dead. However, hanging upside down in the back and still strapped into her car seat was a small child.

After extricating her unconscious body, paramedics started CPR and got a positive response. Currently, the baby is in the hospital in critical condition but doctors say she is improving,. conscious, and a real survivor.

There are several things that make this a true miracle. For one, the baby survived a horrific crash. Apparently, the mother, 25-year-old Jennifer Groesbeck, crossed a bridge over the Spanish Fork river and after hitting a cement barrier, went off the roadway with the vehicle landing upside in water.

However, the baby was also fortunate in that the car landed in a shallow area. Had it landed anywhere else, the entire vehicle would have been underwater and undetectable. The baby also lasted 14 hours in water around 40 degrees and outside temperatures around 20.The water was so cold that after the rescue, three firefighters and four police offers were treated at the hospital for hyperthermia.

The deceased mother was a medical assistance student. According to her sister, Jill Sanderson, she was extremely compassionate and loving, the person who would go out of her way to help others. However, the love of her life was her baby. As imagined, the family is saddened by Jennifer’s death but grateful for everyone who saved Lily.

To help with the funeral and hospital expenses, the family has established a GoFundMe page in order to raise money. Jill Sanderson added that considering the ordeal that Lily went through, she is doing remarkably well.