WoolfOne of the popular actors on “American Horror Story” was killed after being struck by a car. According to a law enforcement official, Ben Woolf was jaywalking when a car hit him. The 34-year-actor was rushed to Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, hanging onto life for four days. Sadly, Woolf passed away after suffering a stroke.

Woolf may have only been 4-foot and 4-inches tall but he had a big screen presence. While very young, the actor was diagnosed with a form of dwarfism known as pituitary dwarfism. However, he had a huge heart and desire to act. Instead of allowing his health condition and small statute to create limitations, Woolf forged ahead and became a well-respected professional in the world of acting.

In 2011, Woolf was cast as Infantata on the FX “American Horror Story” Freak Show”. His performance was so good that he then starred in the show’s latest installment, this time as the character Meep. Prior to getting involved with acting, Woolf spent time as a school teacher and in that professional also excelled.

Reportedly, Woolf was jaywalking in Hollywood when the side mirror on a motorist’s vehicle struck him. The driver of the car remained on scene until police arrived, providing information as to exactly what happened. Because witnesses were able to confirm that Woolf was in fact jaywalking, the motorist was not cited.

In a statement released by producers of “American Horror Story”, Woolf was an incredible actor and true professional. He was also known for being exceptionally kind and was loved by everyone associated with the show.

Woolf’s publicist, Teperman also released a statement calling Woolf caring, hard-working, and one-of-a-kind. Woolf’s family thanked everyone for the outpouring of love and support, saying they felt overwhelmed by the outreach. According to the Los Angeles Times, while Woolf was not married nor did he have any children, his beloved dog Lisa was a constant companion. After his passing, Lisa was formally adopted by Woolf’s mother.

While in the hospital, doctors had kept Woolf heavily sedated, allowing swelling in the brain to go down and the body to heal but sadly, he never woke up. Without question, Woolf will be greatly missed by his family, close friends, executives, cast, and crew of the American Horror Story, and of course, his devoted fans.