armageddonAs of April 21, Google will have a new algorithm called Armageddon, also referred to as “Mobilgeddon”. Because of outdated websites, people who use mobile devices have had bad experiences when connecting to the internet. The problem is that people cannot find many websites or conduct searches.

Because the number of people who use mobile devices to reach the internet has now surpassed computer users, Google is taking swift action. Unless people update their sites according to the new algorithm, they will be booted from mobile searches. This means losing existing but also potential customers.

Online success is achieved with traffic driven to sites through searches but if outdated sites are not modified by April 21, the flow of traffic will stop. The key is to give websites a responsive design so that mobile device users will have no problem in locating different online businesses.

With Armageddon, the way mobile users reach the internet will change. Remember, a website’s content might look great for someone using a laptop or desktop and for that reason, considered valuable to Google. However, if mobile devices cannot enjoy the same experience they will begin to lose customers.

Most people have no idea just how many of their customers come from mobile device users. Therefore, it is imperative for people to act quickly. This entails having site analyzed so that any problems can be identified and appropriately changed. Google offers a mobile friendly test, followed by receiving a Mobile Usability Report. Based on this information, website owners will know the exact changes.

Once a website is changed to meet the protocols of Armageddon, there will be a single version of the code that is 100 percent specific to your site. That code will then respond to displays of any size, which then adjusts both content and layout accordingly. The result is computer and mobile device users having an identical experience.