BlackBerry is having a tough time in the Smartphone market. It has not been achieving the handset sales that it was expecting. The company has reported revenue to the tune of $490 million for three months till August 29 this year.

The revenue in this quarter is very low when compared to the revenue it had achieved in the same period of about $916 million last year. The revenue loss has been bigger than what the company had anticipated.

BlackBerry Handset Losses Increase, Now Hopes Are On Priv

BlackBerry is looking to annul these huge losses and to earn more revenue that what it had last year with the help of its new Android OS based phone Priv. This new Smartphone is expected to be the savior of BlackBerry and to repair its revenue losses. The Priv Smartphone will have BlackBerry security and productivity tools, announced the CEO and Chairman of the company John Chen to the investors today.

The company has earned a net income of $51 million with lower gross margin and the fixed selling costs remaining unchanged for the large part. The revenue from the software licensing was good and it jumped by 33 percent. As many as 2,400 enterprise software licenses were added to the BlackBerry fold during the quarter, out of which 60% were cross platform licenses. This means that BlackBerry’s security software would be used to enhance the security of other Smart phones.

The sales of the BlackBerry smart phones has also plummeted and only 800,000 phones running on the BlackBerry operating system was shipped in this quarter. The sales figure for the year 2014 read as 2.1 million a year. This clearly show that Smartphone buyers have lost interest in minority operating systems and prefer to go for Android based or Apple iOS based phones.

This could be the reason why BlackBerry has decided to use the Android OS in its new BlackBerry Priv handset. The Priv handset running on Google’s Android operating system will be made available later this year. BlackBerry expects that there will be more takers for this BlackBerry phone than the ones that run on its own operating system. The new Priv will offer users a choice in the operating system for the new and existing customers. BlackBerry still is very much committed to its BlackBerry 10 device and wants it to be a hot selling one.

BlackBerry fans can expect to enjoy a minor update to version 10.3.3 in March next year.