The news about Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce might be knowledge to those who keep tabs on the private lives of celebrities, but one might not know the aftermath of this event – Blake Shelton’s weight loss. One might think that it was the breakup diet that worked and it could be that coupled with other good things that Blake did.

Many are unsure whether Blake lost weight as he felt heartbroken about his split or is it simply the desire to start running on the treadmill and shed some body weight, a desire to get back in the dating circles as Blake is now single again. No matter what his inspiration was, it has definitely shown results. This was evident when the country singer was seen recently and his weight loss was evident to most people.

Blake Shelton Sheds Weight After Divorce

E! The news did not waste time to reach out to his representative to know about how he has achieved this. The answer that they got was the standard, a combination of exercise and diet. Many fans are feeling his pain and they are sure that these efforts are a way of getting back into a good frame of mind and body after the split. Many have stated that the treadmill has definitely been part of his weight loss exercise routine, but another surprise has come up, the use of the push mower.

Blake reported that he realized that his lawn needed to be mowed this summer. He talked about this when he showed his new bod in the iHeartRadio Music Festival and was taking an interview in the backstage area. He stated that, though he found it ridiculous to be push mowing the lawn in this day and age, it might have worked to give him the physical exercise that he needed. He talked about his push mower in July as well. He stated that his big yard was being mowed by him with the help of a push mower which he found ridiculous but he was doing it as well. Hence, it boils down to the fact that, doing some good old physical chore around the house along with exercising is a great way to get into shape. It can certainly help to take the mind off worrying thoughts and help one to stay positive and focused. The Blake’s situation should serve as a motivation for many. One can keep it simple and in the house and tone up the body the old fashioned way.