Blake Shelton states that he has found stability in life after he divorced Miranda Lambert. The country music star who is 39 years of age and a Voice coach finally opened up about his current life situation after going through a divorce. The interview that he gave CMT on the hot songs countdown took place on Saturday. His divorce took place in July when he and Miranda of 31 years, spilt after being married for a period of four years.

He stated that he was feeling better now as his life seems to be turning around. He states that he has experienced certain cool things that have taken place which has helped him find happiness and provide him something to look forward to. The weight loss that he has undergone since his divorce has become the talking point in many circles. He admitted in the interview that he had not really been exercising.

Blake Talks About Weight Loss And Life After Divorce

When he was asked as to how the weight loss had taken place, his representative had stated that he was doing what he hated to do, exercise and diet. There was a recent article on the free Nashville concert that Blake attended in his new form where he seemed well and upbeat in his mood. He did not seem heartbroken though he did sing about a broken heart at the concert. In a radio interview he stated that he was on a divorce diet.

He revealed that the landscaping job that he performed in his yard provided the much needed exercise during the summer months. Weeks after his divorce he had tweeted that he was working hard on a push mower which was ridiculous as he made a lot of money and did not have to do the hard work himself. But he felt that the yard’s sad state seemed to reflect the chaos that was in his personal life. So using the push mower was a way of relieving himself of the sadness he felt and taking action by working on the yard. Today he seems to be in a good state of mind and ready to move on. Along with his weight loss he seems to be upbeat and positive about life in general as he feels that a lot of good things have happened which seem to be turning his life around and setting him on a new path in life as well as a new chapter.