The commercial launch of space travel is being taken onto new levels by Blue Origin which has Jeff Bezos is working behind it as the founder. He has several feathers in his cap of accomplishments as he is the billionaire CEO of as well as the founder of the private space venture. The media has been invited by him for an announcement that will have considerable significance of the Cape Canaveral location. The announcement will happen next month and rumors are ripe on what the announcement will be about.

It is known to the company intends to work on building rockets at the Space Coast and would be launching them by using the Air Force station that is based at Cape Canaveral. There have been talks between the company representatives and other associated agencies regarding a package deal that would involve construction of a facility in Exploration Park. This is one of the secure areas located south of the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island. The facility would be started as a manufacturing unit, which will ultimately launch space flights which will take place from the Launch Complex 36 site.

Blue Origin CEO

The state economic development sought out an approval from the Space Florida whose board, provided the approval last week. Now the agency is trying to finalize an agreement with Blue Origin whose details are not yet disclosed. The deal is being formed under the code name of Project Panther. The Space Florida CEO had hinted at that time that the deal details would be made public within a month and the press is now considering Jeff’s hint to be in that direction.

Till date Blue Origin has completed a test flight, which was unmanned of New Shepard which is a suborbital vehicle. This launch took place from the West Texas launch site that is owned by the company. The company plans to launch manned flights of orbital rockets and the time span is five years for the rockets to be ready. The initial plan was to use the Shiloh site for launch which is on the northern border of the land of Merritt Island that is owned by NASA. With oppositions being faced by environmentalists this site is far from getting approved. Hence, Complex 36 and Exploration Park emerged as backup areas for the project. The other alternatives consisted of areas in North Carolina or Georgia. However, these areas need extensive studies and neither infrastructure to be built as there are no space stations here nor environmental studies have been conducted.