BMW is always in the news when it launches any new car. The main thing that everyone looks into is the engine that is offered by this luxury automobile manufacturer from Germany. The 2nd generation BMW 7 series car was a talking point as it came fitted with a V-12 engine under the hood. This took the auto industry by storm and Mercedes Benz, the other popular luxury car manufacturer from Germany, had to follow suit. There were even considerations that BMW might come out with a V-16 engine of the BMW 7 series 2nd generation car.

Now, the sixth generation BMW 7 series car is under development and will be making its way son in the automobile market. The news that has come out from the BMW stable is that the 6th generation BMW 7series will be offered with a four-cylinder, which is a first time ever in the 7 series car. This four cylinder plug in hybrid called BMW 740e xDrive will be sold in the United States.

BMW 7 Series Plug-in Hybrid Is Offered With Four Cylinder Pack

The engine that will be powering the BMW 7 series plug-in hybrid car is a 254 horsepower turbocharged 2.0 liter engine. This is supplemented by an electric motor that is integrated with an eight speed automatic transmission system of the car. The battery will be the lithium ion battery. Now, the total power output of the combined engine will be 321 HP. The 6th generation BMW 7 series will be delivering 23 miles fuel economy on full electric charge.

Like all the other BMW 7 series sold in the U.S, the all new 740e xDrive will be coming out with a longer wheelbase form only. The four wheel drive will be a common feature for the American markets and will be an optional one for the other markets.

The eDrive option gives the driver an electrifying driving comfort that has to be experienced to be believed. This car will be making its public appearance at the forthcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

The BMW 7 series eDrive will have various modes and it can even offer performance depending on the individual driver’s driving behavior. This way the driver will have control of the vehicle and also influence the fuel consumption of the car.

The hybrid mode or the Auto eDrive mode will be active once you start the vehicle. The vehicle will use the electric energy to power the car only up to a maximum speed of 74 miles. If the power demand is more, the combustion engine will switch on automatically to give you great speed and power.