The German marquee Borgward has been on a long lull for a few decades now. It has not introduced any new cars for over in 54 years and will be showcasing a new crossover during the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The production bound Borgward BX7 crossover will be showcased during the event and there is no doubt that it will attract a lot of crowd towards its pavilion.

The design of the BX7 crossover looks modern and stylish and there is no doubt that the forthcoming models of Borgward will take cue from the styling and design of BX7. The crossover looks like the knock off version of Audi Q5, but it is not. The car manufacturer has revealed images of the soon to be debuted BX7 in order to increase the interest of crossover car buyers.

Borgward To Come Out Of Hiatus With BX7 Crossover

The Borgward like Cadillac has come out with a new naming scheme for its crossover. This seven seater sports utility vehicle will be going into production in China first. There is no doubt that Borgward will not stop with just this crossover and there will be many more to follow in the near future. It will be first go on sale in China and then the company will be launching the car in many new markets.

The defunct German car manufacturer, Borgward wants to come out with 800,000 vehicles by 2020. The new SUV has a similar look to Buick and Audi Subs. It is likely to be power driven by a 2.0 liter turbocharged, four cylinder engine that will release the power to all the wheels of the car in collaboration with a seven speed dual clutch gearbox system.

The exterior design and look of the Borgward BX7 crossover will be having a German touch and feel to it. The front fascia will look as close to the facelift version of a Q5 car and it will be sporting a Buick like grille at the front. There is no doubt that the new Borgward BX7 crossover will have a modern and sleek appearance when it shows up in Frankfurt.

The images revealed by the Borgward auto maker suggests that this car is here to stay and the company is very much interested in bringing it out into the car market. There are reports that a plug in hybrid version of the Borgward BX7 SUV would also be showcased in Frankfurt with a 401 hp gas electric powertrain.