It is not easy to suffer in this modern day and age without a broadband connection. Anybody who is accustomed to using the internet cannot live without it for even a single minute. The internet has become part and parcel of our lives.

There is a new report let out from Broadband Opportunity Council of White House that says that broadband has now shifted from being an optional amenity to a most essential utility in many households in America. It is an absolute necessity for business establishments and educational institutions. The White House report says that there will be federal backing for those who do not have access to the internet in the United States.

Broadband A Core Utility, Says White House

The report also says that the broadband connection is an absolute necessity like electricity, sewer and water in most of the households. This Broadband Opportunity Council is created by the President, Barrack Obama, and is co-chaired by the Commerce and Agriculture secretaries. The council studied about the broadband access data from the year 2013.

The report also carried a detailed study of the current state of the broadband industry in the U.S. and what could be done to improve the broadband connectivity. The report says that the broadband access is improving, but it is also facing a few stubborn problems.

The tribal and the rural areas are unmerited as they only get very limited broadband speed options. The people of low income groups and families will not be making use of the expensive broadband connections because of its huge costs. Also, there is a lack of broadband connection competition in rural and tribal area and hence the Americans, living in these places have no other choice than to get what is offered to them and also pay what the service demands.

Obama has said that his aim is to bring the broadband internet to all the poor families living in America. The report said that 51 million Americans do not have success to download speeds of over 25 Mbps. Every federal program that offers support to broadband has been reviewed by the council and has found that there are many agencies that do not have the specific guidelines to promote its use and others do not have the funds for proper implementation of the broadband connectivity.

The council has come out with a list of 36 actions that needs to be implemented in order to improve the internet accessibility in the next one and a half years.