George W Bush, the former President is set to return to New Orleans on Friday which had got his presidency the lowest points. His return is planned to tout the recovery status of the region, which proved to be the costliest disaster to have occurred in the nation. His return is scheduled to mark the Hurricane Katrina’s tenth anniversary.

The former president has decided to deliver his speech at the Warren Easton Charter High School which was the site of his visit on the first anniversary after the storm has devastated the region. This time he will be accompanied by his wife who had provided the funds to rebuild the oldest school in the public sector in the New Orleans region.

Bush Set To Revisit New Orleans On The 10th Anniversary Of Katrina

The success of the school is definitely one of the highlights of the visit that the former president would like to emphasize upon. At the time when the administration of the Bush presidency was in the doldrums, the school’s renovation and success are one of the highlights that Bush would like to stress upon, removing memories of the lackluster response that his government had given at that time to the devastated region.

He had made a couple of errors in public opinion at that time, like flying over the floods in Air Force One to simply giving a thumbs up support to the then director of the federal emergency management agency, Michael Brown.

Douglas Brinkley had authored The Great Deluge which accounted the different activities of the government after Katrina hit and he pointed out several blunders that the Bush administration committed from which it would be difficult for Bush to regain public favor. Brinkley correctly pointed out the coincidence of the favorable ratings falling for the Bush administration after the management of the natural disaster of the region.

Though Bush was mocked and resented in New Orleans, especially by the people of Louisiana, Warren Easton is one place that Bush was a success. There are many who have graduated from the school and are celebrities who are happy about the success of the high school after it reopened with Bush’s efforts.

The visit is planned to start from Gulfport in Mississippi, where the Bush family will first attend a function with the state officials among whom Barbour will be present, a staunch supporter of Bush. The Mississippi event has been planned to thank all the responders who helped after the hurricane hit. Bush ties to New Orleans as well as the Gulf Coast and he is trying to harness the support of these regions in this latest campaign.