Matt Cain seems to be close to having 100 losses under his belt than hundred wins. Indeed, it seems that winning seasons are elusive for him since he first helped the San Francisco Giants life the title of World Series in the year 2012. If the past three years are looked at from the perspective of Cain’s performance, he has only won twelve games. He has had seven and a half years of play in the big leagues during which he has never missed a start. Since then he has been on or off the disabled listings.

With the recent game between the Chicago Cubs and Giants where the latter lost to the former for 8-5, much concern has arisen about the fate of this star. Bruce Bochy who manages the San Francisco team says that he is giving his everything but things are not working out in his direction. Cain himself admits to the two mistakes be committed on the field, giving up two home runs against a team that he used to overplay before. As per rules he is allowed eleven out of eleven starts.

Cain’s Lackluster Performance – Is He Still In Recovery Mode?

Last year Cain missed out playing for two and a half months as he suffered from soreness in the elbow region. The beginning of the season saw him struggle with tightness of the forearm. Hence, his lackluster performance could be attributed to him not being in top form for the game. He himself admits that it might be the recovery process of having undergone surgery. However, he does feel fine, but the results are not showing in his performance as yet.

In the last game, Cain performed well for the first two innings, but in the third the ball started to flatten out from his hand. The manager of the team attributes the slack in performance as delay in getting back in form. The rehabilitation process is on and this might be causing the setback that the team is experiencing from his performance.

As a consequence Giant lost the third straight game as well as the fifth of six games between the seven and a half games that are scheduled in the fall. They have fallen behind the Cubs and are presently in the second wild card position. Jake Arrieta on the other hand, had a thirteenth successful start as Cubs pitcher which has not happened in last 23 years. Fans of Cain are worried about his position in the team and how long they will sustain his shortcomings which might cost the team dearly.