It looks like history is repeating again. There are a few Apple customers who have complained that a few of the apps on their Apple iPhone shut down after they made an update to the latest iOS9, the Apple’s mobile operating system. This seems to be a repeat of the last year’s problems.

The new iOS9 software for the Apple iPhone and iPad software is offered with a new Siri interface and promises better battery life. But, it looks like it also brings a few bugs with it. There are Apple customers who are reporting on online forums like Twitter that apps on their mobile phones and iPads are crashing once they had updated their phone or iPad to the latest operating system just released by Apple, the iOS9. This new OS for mobile devices was rolled out by Apple last Wednesday.

Complaints Of Apps Crashing On iPhones After iOS9 Update

The problems are reminiscent to last year’s iOS 8 update which caused many Apple handheld devices to experience decreased battery life and also problems in Wi-Fi connectivity. This year there are app crash reports from a few Apple customers after updating to Apple’s new iOS9 software.

A few of the customers have said that their devices crashed completely upon update of the Apple iOS9. They say that their devices have now become practically useless. The Apple users who faced problems when making the switch from an older version of iOS to the latest iOS 9 have taken to the online platforms to express their displeasure against Apple. There are also warning messages carried out on social networking sites from users informing all the Apple iPhone users not to update to the latest mobile operating system iOS 9 as this could even crash their entire handheld device.

There is no doubt that Apple will have to work hard to quickly rectify these iOS9 update problems that its mobile device users are facing at the moment. This is the latest glitch that Apple is facing now and needs to solve it pretty soon. This latest issue seems to quite serious than previous update issues faced by Apple phone users. As there are reports of some people suffering from entire system not functioning properly, Apple has to quickly find a solution to this problem in order to keep its reputation high in the market.

The iOS 9 has been facing problems right from the start as several users have complained of devices failing to install the new update. This problem is due to a large number of users updating to iOS9 at the same time.