Daimler Corporation North America, the company holding all the business units of the German based company in the U.S, has decided to move the headquarters from New Jersey to Michigan. The announcement was made during the Frankfurt Motor Show by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said that the decision of Daimler to increase their presence in Michigan is ideal as Michigan is the leader in automotive production and the state will continue to hold the position for many years to come.

Daimler Corporation North America Moving Head Quarters To Michigan

Mercedes-Benz has also announced their plan to move their American headquarters to Georgia from the present location in New Jersey.

The current location of Daimler is in Park Ridge, New Jersey. With the relocation, the North American head office will be located in the facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan that currently holds the financial services division of the company.

According to the company the move will commence in 2016 and is expected to conclude in 2017. About 30 jobs will be shifted to Michigan.

Though Daimler is the parent company of Mercedes Benz, Daimler has decided to shift to Michigan instead of opting for Georgia mainly because the company’s R&D facility is also located in Ann Arbor apart from the financial service office.

Apart from the shift of Daimler facility, the Michigan Governor’s office also released information regarding the opening of the Michigan Europe trade Centre, which is set up to promote trade and development between Michigan state and European countries.

The satellite centers will also operate from Berlin and London to help the small and medium sized businesses operating from Michigan. A major part of this will include the businesses from the automotive sector.

Snyder is hopeful that Michigan businesses will be benefitted by the European centers as it will help to strengthen and expand the partnerships and business prospects between his state and European nations.

He believes that the new venture will promote the products from Michigan and increase the investments in the European market, which will further increase the job opportunities in Michigan.

Snyder made a two-day visit to the auto show in Frankfurt and met the top executives from the leading automotive supply companies and auto parts manufacturers from Europe. His visit delivered the message that his state is still the premier location for automotive business in North America.

During his visit Snyder met the executives from 60 auto supplier companies which have their American headquarters located in Michigan.