If you are a fan of the soccer game and love to play FIFA games on your PlayStation console, then there is happy news for you. FIFA 16 demo version is out now for all PS3 and PS4 gaming console users. The demo version of the most anticipated FIFA 16 console game will also be made available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One users’ today. FIFA video games are one of the most popular sports game loved and played by many of the sports enthusiasts.

Even though the FIFA 16 comes as a demo version, there are lots of content to satisfy the appetite of the diehard FIFA game fans. The FIFA demo version has a quick match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the arch rivals of the LA Liga Spanish League. The game takes place at the popular Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. This will be a home game for Real Madrid and Real fans will love to play this one off demo game.

Demo Versions Of FIFA 16 Out On PS3 And PS4

There is also a card game content offered to the FIFA fans on this demo version. You will be able to make your own squad of players to form a team and to compete in an offline match. This is great news for everyone who loves the Team Draft system.

You can now play this year’s FIFA for free on the PlayStation Network and you also get to play the FIFA Ultimate Team draft and also play soccer that features 12 teams. EA has released the demo version for free in order to entice FIFA football game fanatics into buying the game that will be coming up for sale in a few weeks time.

There is news that the FIFA 16 will be released in two weeks time. But, till then you can have a hang of the new game style offered in the FIFA 16 game by download the demo version on PS4 and PS3. The Play Station 4 download is a heavy one and will need 4.6GB space. The PS3 demo version comes at 1.6GGB.

After the first FIFA game between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the game will open up and you can include eight other clubs like Inter Milan, Seattle Sounders, Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, River Plate, Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Monchengladbach.

You also see tow international women’s team from U.S and Germany to feature in the demo version of FIFA 16. The addition of female players is a new feature to the FIFA 16 game from EA.