Apps require regular updates and Dropbox is one app that provides lots of updates for its users. This year Dropbox already added features such as “second factor” security key, save URL feature, integration with Office etc.

The company has come up with a new feature yesterday, which will make file sharing easier for the users. The new feature is called “tam feature” and this one is most suited for people who use the app for their group work needs. If you want to share the different files or folders to your work group, it is difficult to get share permission each time you want to share something with others in the group. The latest update of the app will avoid this annoyance by offering a centralized location for all the files and folders to be shared with the group. This location will be accessible to all the members in the group created by you.

Dropbox Unveils “Team Feature” That Makes File Sharing Easier

All you need to do to use this feature is to create a team and include each person involved in the project in the group. Any document that has been placed in the “team folder” can be accessed by the team members. If there is any addition made to the folder, everyone in the group can access it.

Any person joining the team later can be added to the group and can have access to all the earlier shared files also.

It seems Dropbox is also offering a sub-team feature which allows sharing only the files applicable to the sub- team within the group. The users can create separate accounts for their personal use and for work needs and can switch between the accounts without signing out from one account using a toggle.

Already more than 100,000 businesses are using the Dropbox app and the Dropbox Teams feature will be available to all the customers who are using the service for free for a basic payment of $10 per month for a Pro account. The new feature will be useful mainly for small companies that are already using Dropbox, but not the Dropbox Business which has advanced features.

The competition is becoming tough among the file sharing services. Few days back Google claimed that Google Drive is used by more than one million organizations. Box, the cloud storage company, announced that their revenue increased by 43% in the second quarter. The company also claimed that it has more than 50,000 paying customers from all over the world.