The First Lady was visiting Cambodia, where she visited a school in Siem Reap and interacted with the girl students there. She was in Cambodia in order to encourage education for girls through a campaign called Let Girls Learn. This is part of her initiative to encourage education for the girls across the world. As per statistics, about 62 million girls around the world are often prevented from going to school.

This initiative was covered in an interview where her chief of staff was interviewed about the initiative and it was part of the Education Week edition. In this campaign the First Lady wishes to enlist several students as well as teachers across several US schools in order to promote an equitable education program for girls. Peace Corps has volunteered across eleven countries, even in countries like Uganda and Albania to help complete the project and encourage local communities to remove the social barriers that have kept the girls in their communities from attending school. It is known that, across the globe, about 62 million girls are prevented from going to school due to poverty, transportation and sanitation problems.

Education Equity For Girls’ Campaign Taken Up By The First Lady

The Peace Corps has joined hands with the US Department of State and USAID to address the education issues of girls. US teachers have been engaged to develop free lessons and correspondence that can be sent out and delivered via the Peace Corps volunteers. Students are also being provided online kits and are being provided funds. Individual projects are being handled by Peace Corps volunteers, which include sending out girls to camps where they can be empowered as well as helping to construct bathrooms in schools.

The First Lady decided to take up this issue as she found this situation evident in many countries. She was moved by what she witnessed in Nigeria, where girls were abducted by Boko Haram. The incident involved girls who faced risks in their lives for heading out to school. For that reason, the First Lady was motivated to do something about girl education that will touch lives of several girl children.

The impact that the campaign can have on US citizens is that they need to dedicate themselves to education opportunities seeing the issues that girls face across the world. It is also a way of nurturing global citizens, for children to feel that they are connected and cared for by people across countries and not only by their own family members or communities. This can be a great learning for all.