Education issues were made highlight of several TV channels together. Stephen Colbert, who does the late show on CBS as part of the summer TCA tour participated in this initiative as well as NBC, ABC and Fox. These channels as members of the entertainment industry foundation participated in a fund raising special event for education. There were several stars and celebrities who participated in this event, noteworthy among them being Gwyneth Paltrow, Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Bell, Colbert and Scarlett Johansson. The event will be aired on September 11th and it will be an hour long special event.

The large broadcast networks have included several entertainment elements in this hour long event that will have musical performances as well as sketches. The same organization took the initiative to create the benefit show called Stand Up to Cancer. This show had also been aired on the four networks.

Entertainment Channels

The education scheme thought up by the foundation is called the Think It Up program. It is aiming at building excitement for more students to enroll for classroom studies around the country. Students as well as teachers have lent their stories and experiences as well for the event.

On the same subject, education themes are also featuring among the themes selected for the presidential campaign runs by the different candidates. Even though this is a subject matter that usually does not feature in campaigns for the presidential elections, it is being used by some. For instance, there was an education policy summit that was held in New Hampshire, where seventeen GOP contenders were given the opportunity to refurbish their K12 credits.

In general, education reforms are supported by the Americans and hence, issues like charter schools which is a staple topic for reforms, merit pay scheme for the teachers as well as tax credits used to fund scholarships are topics that are favored by many. Among the different candidates, Hilary Clinton is most likely to use education reforms in her speech. She had been a vocal supporter of charter schools from the time when her husband had been in power. This is a reform agenda that is also supported by President Barack Obama. College education is also a mantra that can work well among reform speeches. More than upward mobility, college education needs to be made accessible to all as there is a wage premium for college graduates.

Hence, it might be a matter of coincidence that the TV show scheduled for September 11th will showcase the importance of education in classrooms. The same theme might be used in different forms and subject matter by the different presidential candidates as well.