LONDON – EE, a British Mobile Network Operator and Service Provider, has recently announced their first 4G live streaming action camera – 4GEE Action Cam. The camera comes loaded with inbuilt 4G connection to live stream the feed without the need of a computer or a smartphone.

The camera looks like a GoPro rip-off but is also compatible with GoPro’s fixings and mounts, hence, the existing GoPro users can switch to this with ease. The device is called the 4GEE Action Cam, and with this launch, the company hopes to sell more of them by 2017. later they may take on the smartphones as well.

The camera has a 13MP resolution sensor and is capable of capturing full HD (1080p) videos, which drops down to 720p for live streaming and broadcasting. The camera has a specific mode for shooting action sports, which reduces the resolution to Standard Definition and increases the frame rate to 60FPS.

The camera comes with a couple of cases for making it sturdy and suitable for use underwater. The first one is light in weight and is helmet attachable for recording racing sports. It can also be attached to a chest strap or bike handlebars, and is rugged enough to withstand minor shocks and jerks. The next cover is the featured waterproof cover, which keeps the camera dry and safe up to 60m underwater.

EE’s CMO, Pippa Dunne, stated the success with services other than the smartphones is the reason which encouraged the operator to launch the product. “Just like the TV service, we want the action camera to challenge the rest of the market to wake up to the opportunity. We will bundle it because it comes with a shared proposition, so it makes sense to bundle. Shared plans are important if you have an EE contract you can add the data plan. That will be the easiest and best way that we’ll be able to sell this,” he said in a statement.

Dunne has future strategies for his company, and he hinted of four major prospects of improving connectivity around us with the company’s technologies; connected businesses, connected homes, connected cars and the connected individuals. The camera, ‘4GEE Action Cam’, comes in the category of connecting individuals with each other, improving lives and having endless possibilities of its application.

The camera can be obtained on contract with two payment options; first one is by paying a £99 upfront, followed by £10 per month; or £15 per month for the next 24 months.